Energy Healing


If you have been feeling tired or clogged, under the weather or just not quite tuned in, this could be just what you need. Nancy is adept in using both traditional Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki (an intense form of spiritually intuited Reiki that can lead to very powerful physical and emotional shifts). Both are profoundly healing on all levels.

Nancy offers this in 60 or 90 minute sessions. You will see the most benefit if you commit to a block of sessions – discounts are available when you book 4 in advance.  eEnergy healing, much like Reiki, falls into the ca

What is Energy Healing?

We think of ourselves being made up of skin, nerves, tissues, muscles, bones etc. but this life force energy is a much more subtle element of our composition that flows through and around us. If this energy is ‘blocked’ or ‘leaking’ in some way we are more likely to become ill, mentally and / or physically. Influences believed to cause these ‘blocks’ and ‘leaks’ can include fear, stress, anxiety, anger, trauma, substance dependency, other illnesses and so on.


The name Reiki is of Japanese origin and made up of two words: “Rei” translates to ‘wisdom of god, higher power’ and “Ki” meaning ‘life force energy’. Reiki technique can traced back to Japan in the early 20th Century. It can be performed hands on or hands off and is thought to work by promoting a sense of deep relaxation in body and mind. It is believed that when we are in this state our natural healing processes kick into action at a very deep level.