Meet Nancy

Intuitive Therapist & Space Holder

Nancy is highly qualified, skilled and experienced therapist. Published author in The Hypnotherapy Journal, she is insured and also DBS enhanced, meaning she can legally work with children as well as adults.

Nancy Madden
BA Hons, MA, Dip C Hyp, NLP Prac, PGCE, CNHC, NCH, QPCHA

I have sat where you are, looking for a therapist, turning it over in my mind: “Am I beyond help?” I too have struggled to cope with life on life’s terms; feeling alone trying to hide depression, anxiety, insomnia and everything I was feeling – I really will write a finish that book one day. I have been there too, and I didn’t get better because I am special, a magic pill or because of someone else. I got better because I finally learned how to help myself. This came from a range of sources that I have now put together to help people just like us. There’s nothing stopping you from changing YOUR story too!

I lead quite an exciting and varied life now. I love helping people to help themselves and I get to travel a lot with my work. I still push myself to learn new things (I’m currently learning Spanish as I spend a lot of time in south America). Ultimately my passion is people. What makes us tick (or don’t from time to time), we are all in this together yet seem to have such different experiences and ways of expressing ourselves. I just love it!

Our therapy sessions are personalised to every individual – lets face it, we are all different. Over time I changed how I felt about myself and learned healthy coping mechanisms, and you can too. I am driven by the desire to help people get their lives back, just like I did, but my methods tend to work quite quickly. 

I can work with any problem, none are too big or too small. I specialise in improving self-esteem, lowering anxiety (particularly work based), trauma recovery and addiction recovery. Don’t worry, nothing shocks me, I really have heard it all and I won’t be judging you.


“I know what it means to struggle and to get through it; how to change your problems into opportunities, and overcome anything!”

Nancy Madden


After struggling with a lifetime of emotional, physical and mental health problems, now I am a fully qualified and insured therapeutic practitioner and Life Coach, with practices all over London. Now I have the great honour of using my expertise and experiences to help people make real and permanent changes for a better life.

I live a happy and enriched life helping people reclaim their joy and self-worth, just like I did.

Nancy Madden

Training and Qualifications
I am governed by a strict code of ethics and associated with:

I trained with the creator and founder of cognitive hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester, at The Quest InstituteRegent’s University in London. I have also completed my NLP Masters Practitioner qualification in Cognitive Hypnotherapy from the same institution.

  • National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
  • Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association (QCHPA)
  • DBS checked (I can work with children)
  • Fully qualified and insured with Towergate

What People Say

“Nancy is strong. I always felt safe and in control of my own state of mind in sessions.”

DK (male, 32). Engineer.

“I couldn’t see a way out but Nancy really understood where I was coming from.”

AJ (male, 32). Teacher.

“Nancy is very approachable. She really cares about helping people to help themselves.”

VM (female, 30). PA.

Anything is Possible

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